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A Message from Tabitha

Dear Friends and Family,

I am so excited to be returning to Musana this year. Musana is a Community Development Organization in Iganga, Uganda, that serves to educate and empower the local community in order to create lasting change in Uganda. I am going with a group of educators from the Denver/Boulder area. We will be coming alongside teachers at Musana's primary school to offer them support and professional development, and to learn from them as well. I traveled to Musana in 2015 with a similar team and am excited to continue the relationships that I made on that trip. One of my favorite stories from that trip was a young boy who was so hungry for books and reading that he would look all over for his "aunties" with the books and beg for us to read him stories. I told him that I hoped that one day I would be reading the stories that he had written. Uganda does not have a culture of reading or writing, so my hope is that I can help children like Jericho find their voice and begin to share their stories.

I would be grateful if you are able to make a financial donation to offset the costs of the trip or to support me through prayer.

Thank you for being a part of the team from afar!

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