Last year I had the honor to take a trip to Musana Community Development in Iganga, Uganda in March. I went with 10 absolutely amazing teachers from Flatirons Church. We went to help the teachers in the Nursery and Primary school improve their teaching skills. What I learned though, was priceless. I learned about a sense of community and to find joy in others, not things. I also learned to celebrate student’s every day and that teaching is a joy. The teachers even made up a song about “Mama Sherry” and loving me! The best part of the trip was when I had the privilege to sort beans with a group of girls. We sorted beans for their meals for the week and during that time we had a chance to talk. They did not understand why we did not grow bananas in Colorado! We went our separate ways but said that we would find each other later. I could not find them anywhere and was devastated. One of my colleges was teaching the next day about Christ serving the disciples before He was crucified by washing their feet. I had the privilege of washing the feet of some of the class and lo and behold, the last two students were two of my girls. What a blessing from God that was!!! The team from Musana has asked our team to come back to serve with them again! What an honor and joy that is for us. I truly feel that God is leading me back. Prayers for this years team would be greatly appreciated! I am so excited and open to whatever God has in store for us.

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