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Student Escape 2018

Aug 1-5, 2018
Glorieta, New Mexico
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About Us

Our Values
Acts 2:42-47

1. Biblical Authority - "A Better Way to Do Life"
The Bible is God's Word and it is our authority for life. If we will adjust our lives (submit) to it, we will find a better way to live. (John 1:14)

2. Relational Intimacy - "Grace and Truth"
No matter what you have done wrong, we believe that by grace through faith in Jesus alone, it is still possible to be reconnected back into an intimate relationship with God. (Ephesians 2:8-9, Romans 6, 8)

3. Intentional Apprenticeship
We believe that following Jesus involves implementing a strategy to enthrall yourself with God and eliminate any obstacles or responses that stand against God¹s good intentions for you.

4. Authentic Community - "Me Too"
We believe that living life together in a safe “me too” community is the best opportunity for pursuing truth and grace through intentional apprenticeship to Jesus. Acts 2:42-47 and 4:32-35

5. Gifted Service - "Purpose and Personality"
We are committed to being the kind of people who reflect both the purpose and the personality of Jesus by leveraging the gifts Jesus has given us for the benefit of others both inside the church and outside the church. (Romans 12, Galatians 5)
6. Excellent Environments - "Bump into Jesus"
We aren’t in the business of changing people. Rather, we embrace our role as creating a space where people can work out their stuff with Jesus. (Colossians 3:17)

7. Relational Evangelism - "Come and See"
We will intentionally leverage our influence in the world for the purpose of introducing people to the awesome love of Christ. (Mark 2, Matthew 28)


Autobiography Titles: How a Team Bonds in Six Words or Less

By Karina Krider on 4/6/2018

After a 7 hour bus drive, two 8 hour plane rides, and a final 2 ho...

Full Hearts, Alka Seltzer Explosions, and God’s Presence

By Cleveland Smith on 4/2/2018

We come to the end of our time at Musana with full hearts, telling ...

3/29/18 A day with the educators team

By Cleveland Smith on 3/29/2018

A day with the educators team: Below are our highlights and “low...

3/27/18 Big, Sweet, and Shared

By Cleveland Smith on 3/29/2018

Tonight we shared in our team circle, serenaded by chirping cricket...


People Engaged with Flatirons Community Church

Derik Minard jane schwab Jamie Stegman camrynn schellman Megan Thomson Ken Apodaca Bailey Dixon Kelly Carlander Casey Robison Kristina Kenaston Ryan Haggerty Emmalie Trestrail Darin Williams Amber English Jacqueline Shestak Brandon Little Kevin Ross Cynthia Reeme Adam Micheli ERIC JOHNSON Micaiah G.  Sprague Jalen Martin Tabitha Burgtorf Erin Cole Madyson  Veve Casey Visscher Annie Steenhoek Travis Eckert Melia Syed John Sliz Shannon Robinette Georgia Thompson Terrance Foster Ryan Daniel Ashley Daniel Rachel Nelson Debashree Sethmajhi Ariel Clinton Christina Potter Pat Howes Tim Ward Taylor Salser Nicole Martynuska Landon Smith Beau Liss Steven Madachy Peter Tighe Stephanie Van Fleet TJ Avischious Jesse Soucie Jennifer Vierow Cheryl Foy Shannon Korhonen Rose Peter Furness Caelyn Hupfer-Detor Nate Smith Catherine McRae Isis Tijerina John Waters Delina Gigikos Holly Pugh Ahnya Kloster Greg Donohue Andy Wineman Debbie Painter Felicia Tassone Danielle Chandler Sarah Porath Jaydon Vandre Claudia Hendricks leili  Thompson Samuel Moldenhauer Starla Folger Garrett Ferguson Shannon Vigil Aubreigh Zorgdrager Tommy Staudt Michael Maestas Kelsea Krawetz Ralph Lamar Allison Hubbard Jessica Sausto Christopher English Julie Daniel Mark Jackson David Schaack Diane Burr Lauren Craddock Brett Biggs Alex Glasson Anne Gamble Ben Foote Sarah Grundy Michelle Juarez Jennifer Moore Jordan Biggs Moriah Evans Leslie Record Ellen Robison Kaitlyn Lawrence

Past Opportunities

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Musana VBS Weeks 1&2

May 30 - Jun 17, 2018
Iganga, UG
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