3/29/18 A day with the educators team

A day with the educators team:

Below are our highlights and “lowlights” for the day. You all will have to guess whose go with who!

The great parts:
Teaching was like Heaven. P3 was firing on all cylinders. Being at Bukoona was majestic. Impromptu dance party at Bukoona-there was a drum. Modeling with Winny. I read the Red Little Hen and did comprehension with the teacher. Met an inspiring woman today who was very supportive of Musana. Working with P1 teachers was a transformation from last year. Thunder and Lightning in the middle of the night. The courage kids had to read what they wrote. Seeing 2 girls from last year and hearing the excitement about the careers they want. I have seen Hawks all day. Seeing mothers with children who have disabilities re-energizes me. Seeing teachers with enthusiasm. The celebration at the school- you are all crazy!

A few struggles:
Didn’t get a whole night of sleep, headache, tripping out of my bed this morning, I dropped my water bottle and I felt like I woke everyone up, it was hot, but my clothes stayed on, the darkness was at the public school, books didn’t come out timely, worried about a friend, Cleveland not sleeping, being splashed by a squatty potty.

Highlight: Musana student called Cleveland “teacher Jesus”!

After seeing the public school-thank GOD for Musana!!!!

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