As our third day in Mexico City comes to a close we sit back and reminisce on the day we have had and the trip we have been blessed enough to embark on. We began day three it was obvious we were sore and slightly worn out from the day before, but the motivation in the air much outweighed any other feeling. Day three was a busy day packed with hard work, laughs, cheer, and love by the entire Flatirons team. The passion that was present on the job site was very obvious and amazingly contagious. Throughout the morning, we made amazing progress on various projects we had started yesterday. Everybody truly has been working so hard to play their part in making dreams a reality. It’s so amazing to see the comradery and teamwork that has been formed by this group of strangers turned teammates.

As the day went on we enjoyed an amazing lunch at a local restaurant that has treated us so well the past couple of days. After lunch, we proceeded to continue the hard work started this morning. It sure was a hot one out there today, but despite the heat the laughs continued and the comradery strengthened. Throughout the first portion of this trip, we have been lucky enough to partner with some of the hardest working, tough, compassionate, caring, and loving local Mexico City natives. Today we also shared many laughs and conversations with them, connecting us closer to them and God. Our biggest hope for the day is that the compassion, love, laughs, and all around feeling of the Holy Spirit’s presence will remain in the foundation and walls of the amazing building we have had the opportunity to work on, for many years to come. As the work day came to a close we sadly had to leave our current work site for the last time of the trip. The feelings that came with this were joy, for the work we had done and the relationships we have formed, hope, for the future of this beautiful place, and sadness because this chapter of the trip has come to a close.

After leaving the work site we headed back to our compound to eat a nutritious and delicious meal, followed by a great devotional by our friend and Urban Mosaic staff, Emily. Our team all shared feelings and stories that have been brought up within each of us over the past couple of days. This brought us even closer and connected us more than ever as a group. It surely is amazing the relationships that can be formed in just a few days, and the compassion that can be seen for one another and our graceful God. It is absolutely amazing the things that God does within people and through people. It has shown more than some of us have ever seen on this trip. It is obvious that we all feel so blessed to be a part of this trip, to work with such an awesome organization, and to meet and form relationships with such great people, both within and outside of our Flatirons team. We cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings. “Shalom”.

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