Arrival and Day 1 Mexico City

Hola from Papalotla! Our team arrived safely yesterday after an excellent flight. Making it through customs was the biggest test of our patience, after which we met up with our driver and made the drive through the lighted streets of Mexico City to our residence in Papalotla. We have very gracious hosts.

This morning began with time together over breakfast followed by conversation with Jean-Luc, the Executive Director of Urban Mosaic. It was great getting to learn more about the work being done here in the impoverished areas outside of Mexico City. We then drove to the work site, which is in the early stage of construction of a retreat center (video summary) for long-term missionaries that are building amazing relationships with people here in Mexico City. We were fortunate to eat lunch at a local café and then to return to site for more work. It is really amazing to work alongside other workers from the community toward a common goal. As the sun set over the city below we wrapped up our first day of work and started the drive back to our residence. There was such an amazing contrast of energy between the drive to the site and the drive back, we were wiped out! We were able to enjoy another meal together, after which, a few of the team members ventured into the central square of Papalotla. Those of us that stayed behind heard reports of how friendly the local people were as they strolled through town.

We are all in good spirits and feeling very blessed to be here. We have more challenges ahead of us, not only physical labor but also in asking ourselves questions about how we can use our talents to better engage with our community back at home.

~Jeremy, Jake, Griffin, Jason, Hook, Hank, & Mike

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